Sunday 30th Rope and Aerial Conditioning

30 Sep

Afternoon all!

My first blog, be kind!!!

So Sunday Rope and aerial conditioning is shaping up to be an interesting class, once everyone has learnt to understand my northern pronunciation of ‘rope’ we are really flying, literally in some cases. There now seems to be a group of regulars coming and new faces each week, we are building up a solid repertoire of moves and conditioning exercises, some of which are fun, and others just plain mean. Meat hooks being our current killer, as the name might suggest.

Currently focusing on pike, straddles, grip strength and one arm hangs. Then over on the ropes we have 3/4 different climbs on the go and hiplocks, front balances and flags all beginning to work really well. (Want to know what a hip lock is….you’ll have to come to class!)


Great work from everyone today, with Cian being thrown in the deep end, Tom mastering the ninja climb and general front balance success all round. Good work everyone.

If your interested in joining the class make sure you wear something that covers the back of your knees.

I will post some pictures on the facebook group from today’s session.







2 thoughts on “Sunday 30th Rope and Aerial Conditioning

  1. This is great fun. and really challenging at the same time!

    BTW when rachel says “ROW P”, she means rope

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