Tom’s weekly round up…

30 Sep

On  Monday we had quite the kick start to the week with “12.1” as the WOD:

7 min AMRAP of:

Burpees (w 6″ target above reach)

We just about managed to construct a structure tall enough to give Alex a target!


Tuesday night saw what resembled a typical OUTLAW WAY lay out so I was in my zone, squat cleans and snatch balances with a solid semi technical AMRAP involving handstand push ups! We also had Sarah Jane Hawley from Outlaw come and visit us whilst on her work trip. She provided an excellent for our female clients on the Olympic Lifts and her use of the kipping handstand push up, a real treat for our girls!


Some special things happened with my 1 on 1 clients during the week that I have already written about but continuing with the classes. Friday morning really enabled me to unleash my WOD programming skills! “Heavy Cindy” anyone!? 15 min AMRAP: 5 chest to bar pull ups, 10 ring dips and wait for it…15 Front Squats at 50/35kg mwohahahaha. Having Ruiari in the class was great to see how one of our more experienced members dealt with this workout! What can I say, he didn’t disappoint; experience prevailed as he took it steady from the start  and just tried to keep each set unbroken or break it down to as little sets as possible.

We also had Shawn join us for he’s first main class WOD, I think he was a little surprised at how keen I was for him to add weight and really feel what CrossFit is all about, not just the ability to move quickly but also move load!


Onto Saturday morning Firebreathers, mother of God!

We started off with a mock up of the CrossFit Games Regional Snatch Ladder:

Over 15 minutes build up to heaviest possible Snatch by performing 20 double unders then 1 successful Snatch (any kind) in 1:30. After each successful Snatch we had to increase our weight for the next Snatch attempt on the next 1:30.

PB’s were being performed left right and center! You had to compose yourself after the double unders to make sure you got the lift on the first attempt because you would be rushed to get a second!



9,7,5 reps for time:

Muscle Ups

Squat Snatch (60/40kg)

As always, I’ll let the guys give the low down on this! All I’ll say is that I did not stop smiling until 1030am!

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