31 Oct

Wednesday morning ūüôā

So I’m back and back into the swing of things….just!

Today was my 1st 7am class and was pretty full which is always great to teach ūüôā

Today’s programme was:

Clean @ 60% WM 6 x 4
I gave the guys a bit of double under practice before we started on the clean drills seen as though its stupidly cold now a days! ūüôĀ

Strict Press AMAP (at least 5) @ 90% WM
Before I’d even had time to blink people had it over and done with…some great strict presses and everyone fighting for that last extra one!

WOD: ‘Barbara’

25 min cap:
3 Rounds
20 Pull ups
30 Push ups
40 Sit ups
50 Squats

3 min rest between rounds

This is for the body weight ninjas out there, to which Mac happily proved finishing 4 mins before the cap!
Other than Andrew thinking his arms were going to fall off and me whipping Shaun into squatting faster…everyone did great ūüėČ

Happy to be back!

Foundations 30th Oct (PM)

30 Oct

After a short reminder of overhead squat technique it was onto alternating sets of 3 OHS and max pull ups with the least resistance or strict.

In preparation for the workout we have gone through ring dip progressions and found the weight for the deadlift that will be used in the WOD. The aim was to go heavier on the DL and then catch up on the ring dips and burpees.


10 – 8 – 6 – 4 – 2 deadlift

2 – 4 – 6 – 8 – 10 ring dips

5 burpees after each set of ring dips.


Nice work on pull ups Stefano and Ryan and also everybody else for using the least resistance and grinding through strict pull up and also¬†Rebecca¬†for finishing the WOD with the fastest girls’ time.

Great work and I will see you all next week!


WOD 30 Oct 2012 (AM)

30 Oct


Hang snatch 4-4-4-4-4-4 (65%)

Front squat 1 x 5+ (85%)

For time:
Deadlifts (60/42.5kg) 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
Ring Dips 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10

8am Foundations

Overhead squat 5-5-5-5-5

Pull up 3 x 3-7

For time:
Deadlifts (42.5/30kg) 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
Ring dips 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10

Links & News

Who would win in a fistfight between a Neanderthal and a modern human?

Not long after Andrew was featured, Sally gets a write up on the CrossFit Community page.


Monday 29/10/12 (am)

29 Oct

Hey everyone! Here’s what we did this morning at CrossFit London:

6×3 Push Jerk @75%

To prep for this we got the shoulder’s good and loose with both internal and external rotation stretches using the bands. Then we jumped onto the barbells for a quick set of shoulder press, “to burn”. Finally we did some speed drills on the empty bar (pausing in the first dip, then on the sound of “go”, explosively driving the bar off the shoulder with the shoulder with the hips but then receiving in the bar with arms straight and in the heels as fast as possible, trying to use the arms as little as possible)

21,15,9 REPS FOR TIME:
Sumo deadlift high pull (42/30kg)
Overhead Squat (42/30kg)

This absolute classic CrossFit requires you to have mobility to match your engine due to the challenging weight on the OH squats! We found here that many of our athletes flew through the SDHP section then struggled massively when it come to the overhead squats and therefore having a huge effect on their overall time!


WOD 28 Oct 2012 (AM)

28 Oct

Today had an iCourse running at Malcom Place, so I ran open class out of our new location this morning.

Unfortunately I wasn’t in the best of health which meant my usual level of wit was slightly dulled.

Nevertheless we had an excellent turn out for some morning handstand practice, with help from Coach Kat, who helped teach some one handed handstand tricks.

Open Session. (Lots of handstand and double under practice)

Followed by a warm up and “easy” benchmark:

Warm up: Tabtata Push Ups




Double unders 

Sit ups

As of next week we should be back to our regularly scheduled programming at Malcom Place.

See you all Wednesday.

Blog comments palarver

28 Oct

Sorry about the current muddle with the blog comments. Rest assured: they are not gone, just not currently imported into our new comment system (Livefyre).

This should hopefully be resolved by tomorrow afternoon (or so I have been told) whereupon we will be able to gaze once again upon the glory that are our comments.


i-Course: 28 October 2012

28 Oct

Another great i-course made even better by the enthusiastic attendees and participants.

We had a nice crop of guys getting the muscle up and the kipping pull up. Jam got her 1st pull up ever, and some inspiring work on the Olympic lifts from everyone. Once again Andrew and Steven wove an animal-based fabric of imaginative coaching cues that sent everyone home with a zoo’s worth of essential coaching points.

One of the many strong points of this unique day of learning, is that it’s a unique day of learning. We make the coaching process explicit and provide corrections and drills that actually work.

This is a course that has pace and energy, and is great fun, not because everyone breaks off to do finger painting (although I’m sure it was promised) – ¬†it’s one that unashamedly teaches you the skills you need. ¬†These skills can be learned by anyone, as the teaching team with 3 over 50’s demonstrated. ¬†The physiques, abilities and skills of the training team were given to them by Crossfit.

Crossfit London simply passes them on.

The course is organised by the United Kingdom’s first ever affiliate, Crossfit London, and is REPS accredited, meaning trainers and normal people can train in a quality-assured environment.This course isn’t a qualifying course: you don’t get to teach Crossfit based on a one day course, but it’s a great place ¬†start.

There were some great presentations from the amazing Chris Howard and the fabulous Kate Pankhurst, with some solid support from intern Tim Lawrence.

Well done everyone


28th Oct 2012 Rope and Aerial Conditioning

28 Oct

In what feels like the first proper cold weekend of the year (I know I’m northern and should be used to it, but i’m not!) it was nice to see so many bright at cheery faces at 9.30!

Today we continued with our conditioning as normal, I was being¬†particularly¬†strict on pointed feet and stretched legs today with Ashwin, Alex and Tom M getting the brunt of this on many occasions! Nice to see some¬†improvements¬†on our grip¬†strength¬†drills, time to up the numbers for some of you…..

We focused some more today on hiplock and front balance with some gentle coaxing (demands) from my self to get some  people used to working on moves higher up the rope and getting used to some height. Nice Kat and Daniel especially for this.   We looked at a new nifty way into the front balance which was executed really well by everyone. Now we just need to straighten some peoples legs!


Quote of the day goes to Alex

‘Why would you climb a rope like that’ – in response to the ninja climb

me ‘ because its cool’

Alex then proceeded to wizz up the rope in an excellent Ninja climb style putting everyone else to shame!!!

The next few weeks may see a split of the levels, watch this space. I am going to try film some of the basic moves this week, I will post them to the facebook group when i do.


Saturday WOD 27/10/12

27 Oct

Brass Monkeys!

Well winter arrived this weekend.  So this required a structured warm up to get you in the mood.

2-4-6-8-10-8-6-4-2- of Squats, press ups and sit ups.  Remember warm ups are a great opportunity to work on your range and quality of movement.

Strength was the back squat today with 67.5% of our working 1RM for 3×10 sets.

After burning through this we looked at ring rows techniques. How to scale both up and down. What they bring to the Crossfit party, like how to strengthen your dish shape along with secrets such as contracting your pectorals to take some of the load.


We looked at HSPU last week so this is why.


Hand stand press up

Hang Power Cleans for time.

A great effort all round especially Cian with his first WOD with HSPU Rx’d.

A big thank you to all of you with your patience and consideration in setting up and organising the WOD today big classes require great team work and you all stepped up.


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