10 Oct

Wednesday morning fun! Finally I’ve managed to stop being a special person with technology and worked out how to blog again…yay for me!

So today’s fun was…

6×4 @ 60% (WM) Snatch Balance

ME Ring Dips x3

Tabata something else..

Pull ups
Push ups
Sit ups

20 seconds on 10 second rest
4 mins in total on each movement, 1 min rest for rotation

Oh yeh… And 2:30min Burpees shoved in the middle…I got a lot of death stares for saying this!

Awesome work guys, snatch balance has to be my least favourite but some solid efforts..nice work John who was busting out some clean snatch balances!!

Tabata is nasty and hard repetitive work…Good job guys!

See you in 2 weeks! I’m off for some vitamin D!

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