23rd Oct 2012 – Rope and Aerial conditioning

21 Oct

Another busy morning in the back room!

Some real great work today with trainer Alex Douglas joining us for some Sunday rope fun as well as regular and new faces.

The first class was nice and quiet so I could lavish my attention on all that came. Both Richard and Alex did brilliantly in their first class especially in the hiplock. Sophia W made great progress after just one class and came out with a great looking front balance and improvements on her inverting.

In the second class we steamed through our conditioning with noticeable advances for everyone in our grip strength drills and one arm hangs.  Adrienne had a great first class especially coming straight from Phil’s ever gruesome Sunday Wod. On the rope we started work on our ‘catchers hold’ one the the fundamental locks on a rope. Some interesting variations to begin with but by the end of the class most people had mastered this.


I have posted some pictures up on the facebook group of some of the stuff we worked on today. Also, I advise wearing double layers on the bottom half, especially, ah hem, you men…….

Also ankles/backs of knees definitely covered!


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