28th Oct 2012 Rope and Aerial Conditioning

28 Oct

In what feels like the first proper cold weekend of the year (I know I’m northern and should be used to it, but i’m not!) it was nice to see so many bright at cheery faces at 9.30!

Today we continued with our conditioning as normal, I was being particularly strict on pointed feet and stretched legs today with Ashwin, Alex and Tom M getting the brunt of this on many occasions! Nice to see some improvements on our grip strength drills, time to up the numbers for some of you…..

We focused some more today on hiplock and front balance with some gentle coaxing (demands) from my self to get some  people used to working on moves higher up the rope and getting used to some height. Nice Kat and Daniel especially for this.   We looked at a new nifty way into the front balance which was executed really well by everyone. Now we just need to straighten some peoples legs!


Quote of the day goes to Alex

‘Why would you climb a rope like that’ – in response to the ninja climb

me ‘ because its cool’

Alex then proceeded to wizz up the rope in an excellent Ninja climb style putting everyone else to shame!!!

The next few weeks may see a split of the levels, watch this space. I am going to try film some of the basic moves this week, I will post them to the facebook group when i do.


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