8th September Monday Evening

09 Oct


10 Overhead Squats coupled with Push up Max effort – 3 Sets of each.

At this level volume is preferable to heavy as you are still honing your skill. Where the push ups are concerned form and technique were key, and stopping before bad technique sneaks in.

An active rest to look at Ring push ups, proved tough going for most.



Sumo-deadlifts and Knees to Elbow.



Clean and Jerk warm up with 20/25Kg.

Front Squats 2 warm up sets of 60 and 70% lead into a working set @ 80% hitting at least 8 reps.

Clean and Jerk 6 sets @ 70%

In honour of the burpee challenge and just because you love them so much we inserted burpees in the rest.

Starting at 30 and working down to 3.


Buy in Max Effort Knees to Elbow


Sumo-deadlifts and Ring push ups

Cash out Knees to Elbows Max effort.

For weight on the bar ladies added 10Kg to the 70% clean and jerk bar while blokes added 20Kg.

Capped at 12 minutes.

Nice one Heather and Kat for Pb-ing on the Front Squat. Remember to ring that bell boys and girls and share in your delight with the whole class.

Good Job all round, see you next week.



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