and the best post wod recovery meal/drink is……

01 Oct

Its probably about time taht we recommended a range of post workout meals or snacks. Some argue that getting some extra fuel in after workouts is essential to maintain continous improvement and get you ready to “go again” soon.

I’ve been way too erratic of late. Sometimes Ive had a light breakfast at 6am then wondered why, after a heavy strength session at  1pm, I’m struggling to complete a wod ! I’ve decided to go armed with a  shaker with some protein powder in, and a cross section of  the  “stuff” Im taking ( omega 3, magnesium, Zinc and creatine). My grand plan is to either have  it before  a wod  (60 mins at least) as an emergency meal when my day goes wrong, or, if things go right, to have it post wod with  some milk (possibly coconut milk)  or water  and  an apple or  banana

So, what is the best post wod drink or snack? Is there one you use and can recommend.

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14 thoughts on “and the best post wod recovery meal/drink is……

  1. I’m a protein shake kinda gal – and pay the overpriced but oh so tasty maximuscle high protein vanilla flavour. Its quick and easy as I won’t get home till at least 1 hour post WOD. Also back it up with high quality Omega Oils, makes all the difference

  2. I ve tried a few mixes but found that a protein shake with a dash of glutomine and 4-5 fish oil tablets really works well after a late session. Fish oil really helps with the nights sleep as well.

  3. In terms of pre wod shakes I used uswe 2 scoops of glucose some myprotein pulse (basically a massive does of caffine and other stimulants, a scoop of creatine and a scoop of glutomine. The pulse is overrated and I d replace with an expresso but I found that glutomine and creatine especially really helped during wods. Not sure if its related but at the time I was taking all this stuff I was training 6 times a week and ended up with a list of injuries to beat the band. I know I was overtraining without a proper recovery so it may have been these “aides” whist definately assisting perfromance may also have compounded the level of injury ie because they helped me train harder when I should ve been cutting back they made probs worse.

  4. After my morning workouts I enjoy a homemade smoothie consisting of, 0% total Greek yoghurt, frozen strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, a banana, a scoop of protein powder, spirulina some oatmeal and some water, followed by a multi-vitamin.

  5. I like good old fashioned full fat milk before/after a heavy work out and fish oil

  6. Seems a bit strange to be stuffing all of these additives inside you. Am I the only one who thinks it a bit weird?

  7. Eating a little bit of protein straight after a wod- chicken or hard boiled egg usually- has helped my recovery massively. After a hard wod I used to be stiff and sore for a couple of days. Now I’m much better, it’s made an amazing difference.

    I do keep meaning to buy some protein shake though because sometimes the food is quite hard to keep down…

    Haven’t graduated to supplements, fish oils etc…

  8. I am massively nervous about any supplements. Why not just eat well?

    …not that I do, but if I was working at this level of output that is what I would be looking to do instead of looking for miracle potions.

  9. Pre workout: 5g Beta Alanine, 10g Creatine, 5g Glutamine
    Post Workout: 40g Whey protein, 5g creatine, 5g Glutamine
    Other: Fish oils throughout the day + 3 ZMA capsules before bed + a multivitamin

    I’m training 6 days a week with the occasional double session chucked in and these supplements have massively aided my recovery. They do not replace any meals and are just seen as a supplement to my diet. They work and make difference. I get all my supplements off Quick delivery and reasonable prices with the ability to buy in bulk.

  10. “supplements” aren’t magic – I imagine that most folks just take a bit of whey which is just a by product of cheese making.

    I usually have a smoothie as a second breakfast : coconut milk or full fat milk + some frozen berries + scoop of whey.

  11. I like full fat milk as a recovery drink too

    Also take extra vit c during the winter to stop me getting colds

    I don’t really have protein shakes etc because I don’t want to get heavier but if I wanted to bulk up a bit, I’d use them

  12. I love to have a milkshake of:
    2scoops of whey
    1 banana
    1 spoonful of peanut butter
    and 300ml of semi or skimmed milk.

    Blends easy enough and lasts for a while. It has everything I need from it.

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