Counterfeit Crossfit

01 Oct

Some great info from Crossfit head office.

“CrossFit’s strength and lifeblood is the CrossFit community. With the continuing growth and increasing popularity of CrossFit, CrossFit’s events, and CrossFit Affiliates, there comes the inevitable copycats and flat-out thieves who would profit from the strength of our brand by attempting to pass themselves off as legitimate to the unsuspecting and unknowing. This page is where you can help to protect this community and what we have worked hard to achieve. Please provide detailed information to help us determine

(a.) if there is trademark infringement, and

(b.) what we can do about it.

Information is kept confidential to the extent allowable by law. We take every claim seriously and have to prioritize them based upon the nature of the threat and resources available.

The CrossFit Legal Team, Defenders of the Faithful”

You can access the form here

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