Friday 26/10/12 (am)

26 Oct

I freakin love my job!

As a coach, as well as an athlete, you never stop learning when it comes to Olympic Lifts and many other movements we practice in CrossFit. So it’s great to see your cues work on others after you have spent hours learning and practicing on yourself!

This morning we spent some time perfecting our handstand against the wall. We progressed onto the two different kipping handstand push up methods: the knees to chest big kick and the quicker frog like kick, bring the heels down to toward your butt when your head is on the floor then explosively kicking the heels to the ceiling because where heels are come?…..hips! Chuck up to Rosie on that one!

We moved onto our Barbell Gymnastics section:

5×3 Clean @ 85% (i.e. heavy but perfect tekkers)

Was great  to have Joe visiting us from Virginia! Joe HAD the issue many people have of pulling the bar with the arms before extending the hip. We fixed this with one simple cue. BE PATIENT! “Keep your arms absolutely straight until you feel the hip snap!”, what happened next!? He failed!…Great! Why great!? Because the bar didn’t reach the height he was used to getting with that particular weight by pulling the bar up and he wasn’t quick enough with heels and elbows to catch the bar in a tight front squat. Next cue, “when you fell the hips snap, FAST ELBOWS & HEELS! Boom then we had it, a much more efficient clean, lot’s more potential to lift heavier and not fail because he can’t pull it high enough any more, now he’s gunna fail because he’s legs aren’t strong enough!

I was skeptical on the movements prescribed for today’s WOD, but we made it work:

5 rounds for time:

30 sit ups

20 alternate barbell lunges (bar racked in the high bar back squat position)

you guys absolutely killed it and Rosie especially took the reigns of that one, finishing just over 11 minutes!

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