Housekeeping: a reminder of old rules

22 Oct

I think Im channelling my mother here, but

1) chalk up in the chalk buckets, dont carry lumps around the gym and leave them on the floor to get mushed. You may take out the  obvious “board” chalk to record scores, but they need to go back in the bucket at the end of the session.

2) if you use a band, put it back

3) stack the weights neatly, not in “leaning tower of Pizza” style

4)  stack the dumbbells neatly

5) there are some shoe lockers for gym shoes etc, any clothing, shoes etc  not in them come friday will  be put outside. This includes stuff on the coat rail.

6)  Dumped  plastic water bottles: are thrown out daily.

7) Dumped protein shakers not in a locker, or expensive water bottles,  are left outside for anyone to have daily.

For clarification, “dumped” is any water bottle/protein shaker left on the floor without an owner present in the gym.

8) the loo rolls are updated daily, but, if  for some reason it runs out, there is always spare stock along the front wall behind the coat rack ( by the bike rack)

9) There is a small ” callus repair kit” for you to fix callus tears, you may use the supplies in that box  without  a 1st aid report. if you open, or go into the main green 1st aid box, you must  email and report the nature of injury  and  how it happened

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