i-Course: 28 October 2012

28 Oct

Another great i-course made even better by the enthusiastic attendees and participants.

We had a nice crop of guys getting the muscle up and the kipping pull up. Jam got her 1st pull up ever, and some inspiring work on the Olympic lifts from everyone. Once again Andrew and Steven wove an animal-based fabric of imaginative coaching cues that sent everyone home with a zoo’s worth of essential coaching points.

One of the many strong points of this unique day of learning, is that it’s a unique day of learning. We make the coaching process explicit and provide corrections and drills that actually work.

This is a course that has pace and energy, and is great fun, not because everyone breaks off to do finger painting (although I’m sure it was promised) –  it’s one that unashamedly teaches you the skills you need.  These skills can be learned by anyone, as the teaching team with 3 over 50’s demonstrated.  The physiques, abilities and skills of the training team were given to them by Crossfit.

Crossfit London simply passes them on.

The course is organised by the United Kingdom’s first ever affiliate, Crossfit London, and is REPS accredited, meaning trainers and normal people can train in a quality-assured environment.This course isn’t a qualifying course: you don’t get to teach Crossfit based on a one day course, but it’s a great place  start.

There were some great presentations from the amazing Chris Howard and the fabulous Kate Pankhurst, with some solid support from intern Tim Lawrence.

Well done everyone


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