Monday 29/10/12 (am)

29 Oct

Hey everyone! Here’s what we did this morning at CrossFit London:

6×3 Push Jerk @75%

To prep for this we got the shoulder’s good and loose with both internal and external rotation stretches using the bands. Then we jumped onto the barbells for a quick set of shoulder press, “to burn”. Finally we did some speed drills on the empty bar (pausing in the first dip, then on the sound of “go”, explosively driving the bar off the shoulder with the shoulder with the hips but then receiving in the bar with arms straight and in the heels as fast as possible, trying to use the arms as little as possible)

21,15,9 REPS FOR TIME:
Sumo deadlift high pull (42/30kg)
Overhead Squat (42/30kg)

This absolute classic CrossFit requires you to have mobility to match your engine due to the challenging weight on the OH squats! We found here that many of our athletes flew through the SDHP section then struggled massively when it come to the overhead squats and therefore having a huge effect on their overall time!

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