Rope & Aerial conditioning 14th Oct 2012

14 Oct

Today we had two action packed sessions in the back room with both classes having the luxury (or perhaps not!) of a few no shows therefore more time on the equipment and less chance to escape me!

The first class had a few 1st timers with both Sophia and Alex W showing some great work,  grasping the different body positions and nailing the climbs. Excellent work on the rope from all and for 9.30, everyone coped with hanging upside down!

Work continues on our meat hooks (see video, though we are working on the rings at the mo) with a fantastic display of facial expressions today!

Began to look at catchers with the second group with Kat and Daniel both getting one or two successful attempts!

For those interested, toes to bar are an excellent conditioning thing to do at home on your pull up bar that will really help out in the classes. The aim….10 consecutive with straight legs and no kip.


Thanks all.


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