Team CrossFit London and “Divided We Fall”!

02 Oct

I trust this is a much awaited post!

As many of you know, at the start of September we introduced a class at “O’crack sparrow” on Saturday mornings and a catch up on Wednesday nights geared towards people who wanted to take their Crossfit further by entering in local and hopefully larger scale CrossFit competitions i.e. FIREBREATHERS!

Over the course of the past 5 weeks, we have seen a real increase in numbers in both the Saturday morning firebreathers class and the Wednesday night catch up, which has been great! It’s been awesome to take people who were already doing well in the main classes and see what they’re really capable of when encouraged to step outside their comfort zone with others of similar ability!

Our first scheduled competition is on the weekend 3/4th November for “Divided We Fall” in Swansea, South Wales. We are taking a team of 6, 4 guys and 2 girls to this team based competition.

Our team will be handpicked by the Crossfit London coaching staff, who are looking for those who have been participating in the firebreathers classes, those who are posting consistently high scores and those who show real community spirit and comradeship during WODs.

The team for this competition will be announced on 5th October, however supporters for the weekend are more than welcome, in fact, the  more the merrier! If you would like to come down and cheer our team on or would like to express your interest in CrossFit competition, please email me at

I’d like to get all the accommodation booked up by the 14th October, so please get in touch ASAP!

See ya’ll soon!

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