The Christmas Party

24 Oct

Does any one have an ideas about where and when to have the Crossfit London christmas party?

In previous years we have taken over a restaurant in islington then   booked a big table in a “sports” indian restaurant  in East london,

Pros and cons. In the sports restaurant you could bring your own booze…bit sparse… not enough meat for Steven.

So Ideas in comments please , including inviting ourselves to a local Crossfitters’ flat and having it there, BBQ at the gym, restaurant, pub………

More crucially, we need a party boy or party girl to be organiser and link person. ( you wont need to collect money, we log it up on the MBO system ). you may volunteer  (or nominate) either in comments, or by emailing me (

18 thoughts on “The Christmas Party

  1. How about the London Fields Brewery?
    They have a really decent space, decent beverages (all local) and can arrange catering.

    It’s a good space – happy to help out, if needed.

  2. How about Raizes. A Brazilian on Hackney Road, think does all you can eat and is a few stops from Browns where we can drop off Tom lol and for the rest you aren’t far from Brick Lane and Curtain Road. Don’t mind being go-to-girl.

  3. Andrew and I were chatting last night and came up with an idea, so here it is for your consideration.

    Have the Christmas dinner at the gym. As in turkey, roasties, pig-in-blankets…

    Andrew asked and Nico’s cafe are willing to do the catering – and before you ask – yes they can cook whatever we specify. eg organic turkey, roast sweet potato, etc.

    Would be lovely to have a Christmas tree and candles and fairy lights – and an efficient blow heater so we don’t freeze to death.

    Would be very happy to help organise.

  4. BTw, there a big thumbs up to the gym idea on the CF facebook page.

    (we can always organise a stringfellows/other restaurant visit, another time in the year. I like the idea of our own party space, not just a group pushed into the corner. I like the idea of not being ripped off for booze.)

    we can have carols, secret santa, no mistletoe… unless the lawyers approve it..The the food it would be delivered, and we would eat it buffet style as opposed to formal sit down.. then we coud also have a BBQ for those with more voracious appetites

  5. I like the sound of the gym meal. It’d be fun and like Andrew said, no getting ripped on drinks 🙂

  6. right, its going to be a cute gym based affair. Ill talk to Nicos tomorrow and confirm Sat 15th December if i can.

    we will then design the menue. Im Already thinking (organic) Turkey, and beef and pork…plus pigs in blanket a nice range of veggies, and a paleo “cool” pudding

  7. we are having. a  “there may be cold in the gym”  back lash…. so Bodean’s is surfacing as a good front runner… any one able to pop in and see if they have space on the 15 december

  8. we are having a ” it may be a bit cold in the gym” backlash. So Bodean’s is looking as a god front runner. Anyone fancy being organiser and pop into the local branch and check if there is space on the 15th of December.

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