The week so far…

24 Oct

OK, so I am officially THE worst coach for keeping up with blog posts, for that I am sorry!


Monday (am)

Great to see such a busy class at O’CRACK SPARROW FART on a Monday morning!

We got cracking with some high volume deadlifts, focusing on maintaining tension through the posterior chain during the downward phase of the lift.

Next up, a pull up strength set thanks to Rudy Neilson! 3xME ring C2B pull ups w 30 secs rest! Needless to say, we saw a rapid decrease in numbers as the sets went on!

Good sweaty Monday morning WOD:

5 rounds for time:

21 KB swings

50 double unders

As an aim, I gave the guys a target to finish close to 12 minutes and a cut off time of 15 minutes. As always my early birds did not disappoint! Was great to have Rob join us from Dallas, despite being a competitor in he’s region during last year’s games, still managed to find the WOD challenging!

Tuesday (pm)

I have never been so proud of so many people in one night of training! Last night we did “FRAN”! Last night we had only one 1 person not finish inside 12 minutes, of whom did the workout Rx’d, despite just joined the main classes! Bearing in mind we had near full classes, 17 people achieved a PB (personal best) with only two or three having to scale! Wow! It was great to be a part of the awesome atmosphere during this high tempo workout!

Wednesday (am)

Another visitor! This time we were joined by Derik from Tennessee! No he wasn’t from Rich Froning’s spanking new box, but he sure sounded like him! So in theory we had Rich Froning in this morning’s WOD! WOOHOO!

During our front squat strength element, I asked the guys to really focus on keeping the bar above the heels throughout the squat to make it easier to handle the weight coming out of the squat!

Then an uber bouncy workout to boot!

3 rounds for time:

20 burpee lateral box jumps

30 jumping squats (20/15kg)

Awesome week so far!

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