Thursday 4th October (pm)

05 Oct

Great evening today with all classes with full attendance.

Tonight’s WOD was a long one so we had to prepare for this. Firstly we have started off with how kettlebell turkish get up is performed. We did it without weight, with the shoe to test balance and keeping the shoulder stable and elbow locked, then we found the weight for the WOD. Then it was onto KB overhead squats and for those with poor flexibility KB overhead lunge. Once we have establish that we could move onto the WOD which looked like this:

‘Arnie’ (25min cut off for foundations, 30min cut of main class)

21 KB TGU (right arm)

50 KBS

21 OHS/OHL (left arm)

50 KBS

21 OHS/OHL (right arm)

50 KBS

21 TGU (left arm)

Foundations also had 5 sets of max pull ups before the WOD and main classes in preparation for the burpee challenge 2’30” of max burpees post WOD.


Great effort everybody but mainly Alex D., Alex M. and Colm who decided to do the WOD with 24kg. And Allan and Gary who even though finishing WOD after the cut off time still completed burpees.

Brilliant work everybody in foundation and the rest of the main classes. See you all next week!

4 thoughts on “Thursday 4th October (pm)

  1. Filthy workout. Perhaps have a hero night! Love to have some longer workouts more often.

  2. I could barely move after two days of killer arm WODs. Wait til tomorrow 😉

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