WOD 10 Oct 2012 (PM)

10 Oct

Tabata Something Else!

Today was a (relatively) light day.

We started off working on our new defacto skill, various burpee intervals!

2.5 mins of maximum half burpees (half burpees being a burpee without a push up).

Remember, in 9 days, we’re testing the 50 burpee in 2.5 min challenge, and I need to practice.

Which means you all need to practice.

Out of curiosity, I opted to take out the push up movement to see if it’s the main limiting factor in everyone’s ability to cycle through the burpees at the necessary pace of 1 every 3 seconds. If you could hit 50 half burpees in the allotted time, then you might just need to work on your push ups a bit. If not, then you might need to cycle through the whole movement a bit faster.

Next up was some ring dip work, which meant 3x max perfect ring dips

Ring Dips 3x Max Perfect reps

Then came the Olympic lifting portion of the day:

Snatch Balance 60% 1RM 4-4-4-4-4-4 every (2 mins)

The biggest focus here was technique. I was much less concerned with the amount of weight used, and much more concerned with how low athletes could catch the bar, if their hips were back on the landing and very important, if their feet were straight when they landed.

Finally, the WOD, a benchmark no less.

“Tabata Something Else”

Tabata: 20 Seconds of work : 10 seconds of rest. 8 Rounds per movement, so 4 minutes per exercise.

Pull ups
Push ups
Sit ups

Score is maximum reps.

If you do it right, Tabata something else sucks. Originally there was a minute of rest between stations, but the general consensus was that A) it was unnecessary. B) the waiting was worse then having to work.

The score for today was total reps, so luckily if there was a movement where you were a bit weaker, say pull ups, you could make up for it on the sit ups or air squats. As with most bodyweight based WOD’s the push ups seemed to give everyone the most trouble.

We did have some very nice scores however, so well done.

See you Sunday

Arbitrary Awards:

 The Trio: To Tom M, and Deborah. Sequential numbers are good, Deb got 292 reps, I got 293, and Tom got 294. Behold, order from chaos!

Best Pull ups: To Andreas. Most people struggle with chin over the bar on the pull ups. Andreas did Strict Chest to Bar pull ups for the whole workout. Way to make the rest of us look bad dude.

The Change Up: To Adam. Push ups are hard enough, but switching between regular push ups and narrow grip and super wide mid workout? Ouch. Well done dude.

What do you mean it’s not paleo?! To Joseph, visiting crossfitter. Scary deep snatch balance. Excellent form under stress. AND the ability to make jokes while gasping for breath. Unfortunately we had to break it to him that fish and chips do not, contrary to what TV might have you believe, count as paleo. He was inconsolable.

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