Wod 12 October pm

12 Oct


5 + rounds of Cindy in 5 minutes


Juggernaut Deadlift ( 75% amap: 10+)


Squat snatch 75% 3 reps x 6 sets


400m, 21 Power cleans (70/50kg), 400m 15 Power cleans, 400m 9 power cleans ( some people added an extra 400m for fun) followed by 100 “Slam Ball Cuddles” ( sit ups clutching a 10kg slam ball)

Top marks to super Sonic in the 5pm class who was the only on in the 5pm class to finish before the 15 minute cut off ( and this included an extra 400m and  a run to the  far corner, rather than the star), and a E high five to Tom and Adam from the 6pm class.

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