WOD 14 Oct 2012 (AM)

14 Oct

Time for another amazing Sunday morning.

Our usual Sunday morning Strength session went off without a hitch, with again a few PR’s being set.

Open Strength Session 30 Minutes

Just to make sure you don’t show up and lose any gym time, my suggestion is to have at least the next three workouts planned so that you know exactly what movement you’re hitting and at what weight. Warm ups included. 30 minutes is plenty of time if you use it right, but you need to prepare for it.

As always, feel free to email me ahead of time if you want some ideas.

As of this week, I’m going to put up a “Phil’s suggests” movement and weight on the board if anyone needs a flash of inspiration.

After the open strength, it was on to a bit of WOD prep.

WOD Prep: Squat Cleans Warm up – Warm up – 2 @ 60% – 2 @ 70% – 2 @ 80%1RM

Working up to the 80% was just a nice little primer before hitting the workout:


12-9-6-3 (15 Min cap)

Strict Pull ups

Squat Cleans @ 70% 1RM

Box Jumps

The workout was only 30 reps in total, but there was something in there to bog down everyone. Nothing especially difficult, just a trio of tough movements. Well done to everyone who managed to finish and to everyone for surviving it.

See you Wednesday.

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