WOD 15th Oct (PM)

16 Oct


Front Squats

Working up heavy 4 sets of 5

Getting more important to record your weights and training schemes people! Get on it!!!

Kipping pull ups

Drilling and practising a kip can sometimes take a while for the technique to become clear and click with the body.

Keep working towards it!

WOD – Annie


Double unders and sit ups.

Count the double under attempts don’t count the singles!

Sit ups are shoulders to floor, hands to floor.

15 Minute cap.


Main Class

Same WOD but different strength.

Back squats 60% 10 reps 5 sets

I told you horrible lot just to crack on with it as I overlooked and gave tweaks and pointers.

Snatch – Some drills to start with then work up to a 1rm.

55% = 5 reps

70% = 3 reps

80% = 2 reps


WOD – Annie (same as foundations)

I gave a 12 minute cap

Nice one Kat.L for Pb-ing on her Snatch. Chris.W also Pb-ing.


Good job peeps see you next wk.


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