WOD 17 Oct 2012 (PM)

17 Oct

It’s all about the jerk.

Today involved a horrific upper body bias.

We started off with a quick review of the split jerk, followed by a 1RM split jerk attempt.

Split Jerk Practice and warm up. Then:
10 mins to establish a 1RM Split Jerk

Once done, we moved on to some pull up practice.

8 min every min on the min.
Max highest quality pull ups or ring rows.

The idea being not to focus on volume, but to ingrain the best motor pattern possible. That meant any variation (including the hip thrust, chin reach, et al) were immediately discounted. Once everyone got the quality idea, it was a thing of beauty. Synchronized Strict Pull Ups. It brought me near tears of joy.

The pull ups done, it was off to the workout.

WOD 10 min cap
3 Rounds
5 strict press
10 push press
15 push jerk/split jerk
1 min rest between rounds.

1st round at 50% 1RM Strict press
2nd round at 60%
3rd round at 70%

15 Burpee penalty for dropping the bar during the round. (50 max,  to be paid at the end)

This wasn’t a fun workout. The problem is that the first round went by very quickly and easily. After all, 50% of a strict press is nothing. The problem hit on round two, when the weight went up, AND you couldn’t drop the bar without incurring a penalty. Since it was only 10 minutes, just holding the bar didn’t seem like a big deal. Grip got fried very quickly, and there were some very creative methods of “resting” with a barbell in hand.

Not an easy workout. Hopefully for you, Thursday will not involve any upper body work whatsoever ever.

Arbitrary Awards

The Ball and Chain: to Lauren and Chris. For getting engaged. (insert girly squeals here.)

Don’t drop it! : to Andreas. For having the most creative method of not putting down weight of anyone all night.

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