WOD 21 Oct 2012 (AM)

21 Oct

Just a quick note: Sunday October 28th, there will be an I-Course running at the main gym. I will still be running open class but it will be based out of the New Location, #3 Gale Gardens. 

Unfortunately we won’t have any barbells/pull up rig set up yet, so I’m going to be running a slam ball/double Under/Burpee WOD.

As per the new Sunday Schedule, we’ve been testing open strength classes for a few weeks. I was very impressed with everyone who showed up today knowing exactly what they needed to get done. Amid the jokes about “Chest and Tri’s” day and all that, everyone got down to business. Well done.

Open Strength 40 Minutes

 Strength done, it was off to the WOD.


10 Min AMRAP

40 Air Squats

30 KB Swings 24/20-16KG

20 Push ups (or Max Quality)

Very light and very fast. The past week was a bit heavy and next week is going to be taxing as well. Rest up and show up fresh and ready to PR.

See you guys Wednesday!

Arbitrary Awards:

The Professionals: To the 9:30 Class. 9:30 is early but everyone comes in with a smile on their face and knows what they need to lift. Everything is all serious like. Warms the heart.

Captain America: To Steve. Steve is the ONLY person to complete the burpee challenge this weekend. Post WOD no less. Well done sir.

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