WOD 24 Oct 2012 (PM)

24 Oct

Note: As there is an iCourse at 9 Malcom Place on Sunday, Oct 28th. I will be hosting class at the new location 3 Gale Gardens. Unfortunately, we don’t have any gear there yet (pull up rig or barbells) so it’s going to be open class, followed by a hellish WOD involving Double Unders, Slam balls and some bodyweight stuff. 

Today was nice and easy.

We started off with some a

Squat Clean Warm up 

Specifically aiming to try to fix two very big faults in the clean:

1) Pulling too early with the arms

2) Not extending the hip.

We worked through a few drills and used the squat clean to warm up for the next portion of the day:

Front Squat 5-5-5-5+ @ 77.5% of Working Max

which everyone breezed through very well. (Make sure you update your excel sheets for next time.)

The “rest” portion of the day involved a little bit of pulling in the form of

Tabata Ring Rows (Score is lowest number)

followed by the WOD.


3 Rounds (15 Min cut off)

10 KB Swings (24/20-16kg)

20 Burpee Tuck Jumps

30 Jumping Squats

This is actually a scaled down version of an Outlaw workout that some of us did a week or so ago, involving KB snatches and Burpees jumping over a box (seriously). Since I had to use Burpees, tuck jumps and jumping squats in my workout today, how could I pass up this wonderful opportunity to give everyone a taste of some Crossfit variations?

Well done to everyone and I’ll see you Sunday.

Arbitrary Awards:

“Overzealous” To Andreas. Andreas opted for scaled up ring rows during the tabata portion of the workout. I don’t remember his exact phrasing, but about halfway through, he expressed his regret.

“Scale Up!” To Kat, Big Tom and Sophia. Because when doing things Rx’D just isn’t enough, you can always scale up.

“Round 2!” To Chris. Chris did a variation of this workout a few weeks ago, slightly scaled up. This time around was a (comparative) walk in the park.

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