WOD 31 Oct 2012 (PM) *Insert Obligatory Halloween Reference Here*

02 Oct

Sorry for the late post.

Today’s workout was a benchmark, and Barbara no less, so we had to move very quickly to give ourselves as much time as possible to tackle it.

First off, we had a nice and easy Strict Press

Strict Press: Warm up- Warm up- 90% x As Many Reps As Possible (3+)

Then we moved on to the Olympic lifting portion of the day with:

Warm up- Warm up – 4-4-4-4-4-4 Cleans @ 60% (Either Power or Squat) Every 1:30.

Not too heavy, but not easy, especially when you have a Coach yelling corrections at everyone between lifts.

Then it was off to the Workout


“Barbara” 25 Min cut off
5 Rounds

20 Pull ups
30 Push ups
40 Sit ups
50 Air Squats
– 3 Mins rest.

My first round went well, but I crashed and burned horribly in the second round.

Arbitrary Awards:

The Return: To Rupert. Who  disappeared for a year before coming back to train with us last night. Welcome back sir.

Power House: To Andreas and Chris. Both of  whom were on fire tonight. The refrain that kept popping up was “ Do I really need to wait 3 minutes?”

Doing it right: To Kat L. Helen, and Lauren. The ladies really represented tonight. Excellent pull ups, very quick squats, hand release push ups. Very high quality work from everyone.

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