WOD Saturday 20.10.12

20 Oct

Well its great to be back after my 5 week break. Even though I do look a bit rough, thanks Vanessa! Lots of new faces and the classes were nice and full.  The new programming gives us lots to do and you all worked hard at keeping up.

Starting with hand stand press up practice. We split into groups by ability.  Some made great progress in just kicking up to the wall on your own and then tried your first mini press up. We used mats and ab mats to scale and mark our progress. We also saw some try moving their hands closer under their shoulders to increase the load along with with some hand stands on parallettes.

Next up was the 1 rep max snatch. Some had visited this earlier in the week so we worked on technique instead.  The snatch is often performed as a power snatch its a less complex skill so we tried hard to improve our ability to dive under the bar into the full squat position.  Remember improved technique comes from practice with a deloaded bar not by adding more weight! Well done to Adnan with his PB today. Looking forward to seeing those lifting shoes soon.


3 rounds of 3 minute AMRAPS with 1 minute rest of

30 1 arm dumbell snatches

Maximum reps of L sit pull ups. Or a scaled but strict version.

You score this wod by counting your pull ups.  Good effort all round here.  With some scores even breaking into the forties.


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