WOD Sunday Oct 7th: Mass Deadlifts!

07 Oct

Quick Question: It seems that a lot of people who come in Sunday are trying to work their Olympic lifts. Would their be any interest in having me run through some drills and technique pointers every session?

Just like last week, this Sunday we tested how an open strength session goes through with athletes. This gives you more responsibility when it comes to your training, but also a bit more freedom to figure out what you want to work on. If you have any questions, feel free to email one of the coaches.

30 minutes of open strength.

It seems that everyone decided to dead lift today, we saw some very clean form, including some juggernaut and some 5/3/1 work. Including some back angles I could have shaved with, well done.

WOD Prep was figuring out:
Push press weight

Scaling for the Toes to Bars

WOD (original)
3 rounds
7 Push Press @ 70%1RM Strict Press
14 Box Jumps
21 Toes to Bar.

Toes to bar are one of the tougher moves in crossfit and while they don’t pop up much, when they do, everybody suffers. I tested two variations of this workout, one with higher volume box jumps, one with higher number toes to bar.

Both were painful, for slightly different reasons. The variation with more box jumps had a much worse aerobic aspect while the variation with more toes to bar relied much more heavily on strength and control. I was very happy with the standard of movement by everyone, you picked your scaling for the WOD and stuck to it throughout. I fully expect you to maintain the same exceptional quality whenever toes to bar pop up again.

No pressure.

See you Wednesday.

Arbitrary Awards:
“Best PR” to Natasha. Who PR’D her dead lift by 8KG. An 8KG

“Scary New Guy”: to Tall Tom. Most people who show up relatively new to WOD’s need a bit of time to scale up to certain movements. Toes to bar being one of those. Or, you could be like Tom S, and do the workout as Rx’d, toes to bar and all. (Bit jealous)

“Best Form” to Daniella: Danielle was a visiting cross fitter from Crossfit Zurich and damn if she doesn’t have the best lumbar curve I’ve seen. Crossfit Zurich is doing it right.

“Coolest Lift” to Magus: dead lifts, overhead squats and front squats galore, Magus came in and perfected his barbell turkish get up. Love me the uncommon lifts. Excellent job dude.

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