WOD Thursday 11 Oct 2012 (PM)

12 Oct

Just to warm up 5.30 foundation class had to completed 4 round of bottom to bottom tabata as a prep for their squat. Then it was onto 5 sets of 3 front squats. Some great efforts there.

6.30 & 7.30pm had on the other hand back squats: ‘realisation’ phase of our Juggernaut strengths program when they had to complete as many reps as possible with 90% of their working 1RM (your working 1RM is 90% of your most recent 1RM).

Afterwards everybody had 5 sets of max weighted pull ups. Great effort to Ivan from foundations (34.5kg twice); John (42kg twice) and Paul (47kg once) from 6.30 main class. And just to make you guys something to aim for when Phil finished his classes he managed to pull 60kg (I have a video evidence). Also brilliant efforts Adrienne and Katrina.

Then it was onto a nasty WOD:

7 rounds for time of

7 DB front squat

7 renegade row (push up, right arm row, push up, left arm row)


As always great work everybody and mainly the 7.30pm class who always have the joy of me letting them finish the WOD as they are the last class of the evening.

Well done everybody and see you all next week!

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