WOD Thursday 18 Oct (PM)

18 Oct


After having Rachel running through the overhead squat drills we paired up and got on with heavy sets of 3 OHS.Some nice weights and improved technique.

Then it we had to find scaling for HSPU and complete 4 sets of max reps.

6.30 & 7.30pm

Sorry guys but in preparation for tomorrow I have decided to give you a warm up for 50 burpees with 5min cut off time.

Then we did 5 sets of front squats and you had 12mins to work up to your 1RM power snatch.


3min AMRAP

7 DB thrusters

7 ring push ups

1min rest

3 times


Well done all also for a lots of PBs in power snatch.

Also great to have visitors Mikael and Karin from Sweden

See you all next week!

2 thoughts on “WOD Thursday 18 Oct (PM)

  1. Uneccessarily horrible WOD after 50 Burpees. Dumbbell Anything = Horrible, Thrusters = Horrible, Dumbbell Thrusters = horrid horrid horrid…..and all the while being heckled for poor form! Yea, I know!!!!

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