WonderBar! Olympic weightlifting for women

21 Oct

In a masterclass (or should that be mistressclass?) of 3 hours, the first 2 were solid drills, drills and more drills. That’s what makes Crossfit London unique in it’s approach to teaching ordinary people extraordinary skills: we sweat the small stuff. And then sweat it some more. It’s how we teach the “common” things, uncommonly well. It’s what Greg Glassman described as virtuosity. Read his original inspiring advice to trainers here.

Ten ladies walked in at 2pm, worked their butts off, had a good laugh, endured the “Long Pole of Doom”*, and left at 5pm with an amazing new set skill set: the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk, and every supporting move and drill towards it. Fantastic work, every one of you.

Well done and many thanks to trainer Sally Moss of Ladies Who Lift fame. You can catch her courses by going here.

And many thanks to incredible trainer and mum Sally Dixey, who inbetween juggling life, teaching, training and a lively toddler, writes a blog about all things Crossfit and pregnant. You can follow her adventures, insights and advice here.

Great big hurrah to you all

Kate xxx

* Trainers hold the Long Pole of Doom upright in front of someone about to perform a snatch or C&K. Keep the bar close! Do not hit the pole, or doom will follow!

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