04 November Rope & Aerial Conditioning

04 Nov

After a really miserable morning we locked ourselves in the back room and worked on all things body weight and technical.

Nice to see a mixture of usual faces and some new. To those of you wondering if this class is ‘for you’ I would say give it a try once and go from there, there is scaling options and spotting so all levels should be able to achieve something.

The 9.30 were really awake and ready to rumble which is always a pleasure to teach. Skin the cats saw some good improvements today and Ashwin and Alex both had meat hook break through. Just goes to show what a bit of focus and dedicated time to a certain drill/move will do.

We then flew through our climbs getting picky with technique and form…..no one wants hunched shoulders right?

Nice work on hip lock and hocks, and, even though grip and forearms were gone some good flag progress.

10.30 had the usual body weight ninja crew who as ever delighted me with straight legs,  clean lines and brute strength. Daniel and Costa even working on one arm toes to bar…………pretty impressive stuff!!!

We looked at linking moves today working on two different transitions between two moves. Once everyone had stopped winging that it hurts we had some great results.

Nice to see people working hard and improving. We’ll all be the most graceful yet bad ass crossfitters and rope climbers around in no time.

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  1. I think I’m going to give the Rope & Aerial class a go, I’d love to be part of the body weight ninja crew.

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