30th Nov Rope & Aerial Conditioning

25 Nov

Both of todays classes were really lovely to teach. really supportive and friendly groups all up for working hard and giving things a go (even when they were a little painful!!!) Makes my job a lot easier! A few people have been asking about the Sunday Rope class, I would say come give it a go, its complimentary to the crossfit training especially all the gymnastic/body weight skills, and, a fun cool thing to do an a Sunday!

The 9.30 group saw the return of  Ashwin, nice to have you back, who assured me he has been obsessing over his skin the cat while away travelling! Great second class for both Olivier and Harriet who both showed excellent improvements, Harriet really nailing the balance and shape of a great straddle and Olivier looking 100% more comfortable in most the moves. Great work. We ran through our usual ring conditioning moves adding in a few evil shoulder mobility stretches for those pesky skin the cats. Up the rope we then went, having some more hip lock drills for all, either from a few climbs or the floor. Mikko and Ashwin then moved onto upside down descent, a rather nifty decent down the rope and the name might suggest…upside down.! Very good, was really pleased all round.


The 10.30 seemed to have an overwhelming amount of last minute cancellations so all the more attention for those that could still attend! We whizzed through conditioning with, as ever some beautiful skin the cats from Daniel,  Kat along with her broken thumb was not deterred and showed some excellent meat hooks. On the rope we also looked at upside down decent. Martin, Daniel and Kat, great work (though I think the lack of double layers for some was a problem!) I’m really impressed with people progress for a 1 hour session everyweek.


Hopefully we will end before christmas on some cool nifty tricks….come along if you don’t want to miss out!

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