“Barn Raising” on saturday

12 Nov

Throughout the centuries, rural communities have got together to raise barns.

This weekend, at Gales Gardens,  we have our own special “stud wall” raising party and its open to all who can wield a drill, a screw driver and a saw ( and who  could   bring those tools along!!)

If you are free from 11.30 to 5 ish this Saturday 17th Novmber…fancy some food, and a few “thank you” pints, and have some basic DIY skills, and possibly  have a few basic tools you can bring ( we will have some to borrow) would you like to help us create an internal wall and door way at Gales Gardens so we can :

1) have a wall ball target

2) keep the place warm

3) not bother the neighbours.

If you can help, albeit just for a few hours, volunteer in Comments.  Even if you have no DIY skills, we will still need hands to hold stuff in place while its screwed up.

(For the more technically curious, we are covering over the hole behind the shutters)

5 thoughts on ““Barn Raising” on saturday

  1. I can help out on Saturday and I should be able to borrow some tools from work.

  2. @Fergus @Naim DanielKiphart  Apologies for the late notice, but we’ll have to stand down the barn raising tomorrow. I have made some potentially catastrophic measurement errors/assumptions which I will need to revisit.
    Thanks for all the offers of help…at least this way the wall won’t know collapse on you…

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