Damn it! Why did you change everything…?

02 Nov

Right then, a few things to update you all on:

We have a new gym in Bethnal Green (in case you didn’t already know)

Assuming that Andrew and I don’t kill ourselves with power tools tomorrow Arch 3 Gales Gardens will be fully operational as on Monday next week (although the programming starts on Tuesday…don’t ask).

This gives us another 1,700 sqft to play with (and we will play!) and will enable us to run class sizes up to around 10 in the main gym area. We also have a dedicated PT space and a rowing mezzanine (seriously), along with two toilets, a shower and a kitchenette (currently just a sink).

We have already moved all of our gymnastics programming over there (apart from Ropes) and next week a large part of our Beginners and Foundations classes will take place over there.

Oh yes, we’ve changed the names of Beginners, Foundations and Main Classes

Partly to remove the stigma around being a beginner (especially for those of a more delicate ego) and partly to allow us to rebalance the syllabus for each session, we have made the following changes:

Beginners is now CrossFit London Level 1, but is otherwise unchanged for now

Foundations is now CrossFit London Level 2: we have expanded the membership of these classes to include all clients, from recent Level 1 graduates, all the way up to folks who are close to performing WODs with the prescribed weights and loadings. The programming will be similar to the current Foundations plan, but will expand to include a wider range of cool skills and movements. Basically a return to classic CrossFit.

The main class will now become CrossFit London Level 3 (natch): this will probably be the biggest change. Here we will build on the current main class programme, but make it more tailored to those folks who are at the level of being able to perform WODs at or close to prescribed weights or movement standards e.g. 60kg snatches for the Isobel WOD, etc. While the same high level of teaching standards will be in place in these sessions, we will be expecting clients to take responsibility for logging their workouts, nutrition, knowing their “numbers’, etc.

Shortly we will start adding prerequisites to these sessions so that we can ensure that everyone gets into the best class for them

We will be adding more gymnastics classes to the weekday schedule

Yup…that. Just finalising with Amelia and Aggie which day/days we will use.

We will be adding online white-boarding/WOD tracking to the website

As part of a bigger website refresh (more soon) we will be adding LogsItAll functionality to the CrossFit London website. This will allow you to log your own workout scores, progress and compare yourself with others in the gym directly from the website.

At one point in the future the new comments system will be fixed

Apparently this is super-hard for the nice folks at Livefyre to figure out. In the meantime, please bear with us.

10 thoughts on “Damn it! Why did you change everything…?

  1. Good news! Are you planning on posting WODs one day in advance? It would help a lot if you want to plan your training, or maybe have an injury etc.

  2. Back to classic crossfit, sounds great! How about starting Sals cardio sessions they were the dogs do dahs!

  3. WOW….. the changes sound great. 
    Does that mean some folks from Level 3 will come back to level 2, if their WODs are heavily scaled?

  4. over the next few weeks, we will be  helping people asses what level is appropriate for them. Id say 80% of people will be in the level 2. Level 2 will have an awful Crossfit wod, scaleable for those who need it, and time devoted to double unders, handstands and kipping ( also with snatch, clean and jerk…..)
    or to put it another way, at level 3 we assume you have every skill and at that level begin teaching handstand walks etc.

    1. neil769 nope, stick with them, we have a few weeks transition time… but get working on those standards

  5. we are assuming a transition period, so, if we decide  with you  that are level 2, and you have a few 3’s booked, continue with them. we hope to have this sorted out within the next 2 weeks or so. Dont worry if you are boarder line, we will probably give you the 3 option but  deadline you for acquiring the skill, 
    But, its  a great motivation to get those pull ups/kip/

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