Fat Girls should dance, deadlift, weld and fight

28 Nov

If you need weight loss advice, there are no end of skinny people just dying to give the overweight “invaluable tips”.

One of the best ones i heard, from a skinny abusive Weight loss expert, who was in charge of educating fitness instructors to help clients loose weight, went like this

Q) what do i do if my client says that they are simply dying for a bar of chocolate?

A) Tell them to eat a lovely crunchy apple instead! HMMMMMMmmmmm.Yum

Wow, who knew, Obesity sorted! Now on to world peace.

Actually, there is only one weight loss expert I know who I trust. Obviously thats Kate Pankhurst .

One of her many pearls of “been there , done that” weight loss wisdom includes the need to change as part of a weight loss programme.

If you exercise more and eat less, it will still be the same you. Hungrier, maybe (temporarily) a bit smaller, but still you.

One of the essental things you need to to if you want to change is to learn something new.

You need to find physical based challenges that you can learn and mistress (I mean Master, but I’m trying to be cool and trendy). So, the first of Kates rules is this: ” learn something new” . She chose swimming, but later, on went on to learn ball room dancing, she boxed a bit, now is driven mad by deadlifting and snatching, obsessing about double unders and adding to her pull ups……

Part of the utter failure of the Fitness industry to deliver effective lasting weight loss has been its error in attempting to ring fence fitness as some esoteric “thing”, evaluated by VO2 max or heart rate.

Sure the body likes activity, being sedentary is now the bigest death sentence going!  But to insist that clients plod on a tread mill for hours is wrong. Your body loves learning new challenges. Thats why Crossfit is divided between stuff that can be improved by conditioning and stuff that can be improved only by practice.

There is something about “stuff you have to practice” that has a miraculous effect on body composition and mental attitude. Sure your body burns more calories, But there is an extra “X factor” in learning how to dance, or swim or build chairs or lay bricks.

So, one of kates recommended 1st ports of call is any adult education centre and sign up for a basic fun course: carpentry, metal work, car mechanics, plastering, swimming or deadlift, fight or even, dance….

But to end on a cautionary note, we mean learn how to do these things! Dont opt for the “ercise” version. If you want to box, learn how to Box: dont go to a boxercise class. To learn how to weld, its welding classes. Not “Metal workercise”.

This is of course only one tiny bit of the puzzle: but if it doesn’t work, and you took basic plumbing…at least you can fix that leak.

3 thoughts on “Fat Girls should dance, deadlift, weld and fight

  1. Wonderful insights as always! Change is not just about calories in V calories out. It’s about changing your mind.
    I was an evening class junky for years – mostly cerebral activities, which is still useful. But for weight loss, choose something involving physicality of some sort. I think overweight people live in their heads, and ignore their body as much as possible.
    Now – where’s that Welder-cise class going on tonight?…

  2. Brilliant. People have know idea about how many calories we burn when learning knew skills or flexing our mental muscles.  That getting lost in the learning event makes all the physical effort melt away and the time fly by. Tie this in with a sense of achievement and you have a perfect circular combination of constant total improvement and reward.  Well said Mr Stemler.

  3. And well said Mr Menniss! Beautifully summarised.
    Lisa Riley’s already lost 4 dress sizes. She’ll be a 10 by the final. But the added bonus is that she is now an ballroom / latin /whatever-charleston-is dancer as well. And will probably bump Darcey off the judges panel to boot.

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