Foudations 6th Nov (PM)

07 Nov

Due to my broken thumb lots of my teaching was completed with the pvc or with imaginary bar as I cannot grip at the moment. Apparently I’m supposed to stay away from exercise from 6 weeks… I think that doctor doesn’t know me…


Well onto the class, we’ve started off with 5 sets of 3 clean and jerks. Aim was to work on the jerk you suck at so that means push jerk in most cases.

Then we decided to split the group and work either on strict pull ups or kipping drills/pull ups. Mahmood and Martin nearly got it but I’m expecting some positive results by next week.


10min AMRAP

6 hang power snatches

9 burpee tuck jump (to make burpee suck even more)



Well done guys and also Sandrine on nice C&J performance.

Remember what I’ve also said: I am expecting to see your log book either via email ( or in the next class.

See you all next week!

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  1. You’ll get the picture this afternoon… I’ve done a nice little drawing for you too. It illustrates how I felt when I woke up this morning 🙂

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