Good luck to the “Average Joes”

01 Nov

I think we all should  to take this opportunity to wish the Crossfit London “Average Joes” team a big “Good luck, you’re awesome” cheer,  as they leave to  take part in the “Divided We fall” team competition in Wales.

Team captain Tom Henry has worked super hard to whip into shape a group of “average Joes” to take on the UKs finest Crossfitters

So to  Tom, Paul, Tom, (no, the other one), Alex,  Katarina, Carolyn, and subs Adrienne and Samir  – we love you and will be cheering,

15 thoughts on “Good luck to the “Average Joes”

  1. To Tom, Paul, Tom,, Alex,  Katarina, Carolyn, and subs Adrienne and Samir, Team Average Joe’s all the best and good luck you guys really are awesome!!!

  2. thanks guys. Going through last minute preparations now. 
    I’m wailing on my glutes. I’m gonna shock the biceps later, then some cardio. Keep the body guessing.

  3. Good luck team!! I hear that paddle boarding is not only a fun way of getting around but also very practical too

  4. Really enjoyed the weekend guys. Brilliant effort from all ‘low tech/converse’ team and also thanks to our supporters Adrienne, Heather, Samir and Christian…

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