House keeping and a new rule

20 Nov

The old issue of housekeeping

1) All  coloured boxes to be kept in the main gym, stacked in colour groups, against the back wall.

2) All skipping ropes to be hung up ( broken rope handles to be put in the coaches cupboard, 2nd locker up from the floor)

3) Bands to returned to their hanging position ( we need to make one in the back room)

4) return chalk to the bucket: chalk your hands in the bucket

5) All water bottles/protein shakers to be removed, or they get slung daily

6) Any clothing or shoes left onthe hanger or floor is thrown out on fridays

7) New rule: as from now, dont drop anything below 2 x 1o kg, unless its an emergency bail out. You should be able to lower this weight to the floor. If you cannot control this weight, use a lighter weight.

8)  This rarely happens, but ill mention it as a new rule: make sure you and your kit doesn’t “pong”.

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