i-course 25 Nov:

26 Nov

Another fabulous i-course day with a great group of learners, all anxious for a taste of  Crossfit “Kool aid”.

As normal, attendees were  treated to a day long technique workshop where  a friendly and fun teaching team of Andrew Kate, Tim, Sophia, Rachel and Phil, broke complex skills down into bite sized morsels of fitness goodness and spoon feed  them to an eager to learn group.

We saw some outstanding improvements during the  day and a big  “high five” to those who got the muscle up.

However, for he record, the secret behind the dish rock, is core strength, and probably not “a magic cave in your tummy with pixies running up and down in it” as was suggested . As to Andrews idea  that “if you fail to get proper hip extension in the snatch , no one will marry you”, our lawyers have asked us to concede that there is actually very little evidence to support this proposition.

Put simply, if you are a fitness enthusiast, a  sport scientist, a trainer or  just someone curious about Crossfit, this is probably one of the best introductions to it: its bloody well taught, engaging  and fun.

One thought on “i-course 25 Nov:

  1. A big thank you to Andrew, Kate, Tim and everyone else who helped cause the crazy pain I’m currently in! (now 48 hours after the course!) 
    You all made the pain bearable, and actually enjoyable. I can see the changes in the different way I had to challenge my muscles compared to my usual training of boxercise, circuits, HIIT, static weight training, spinning & running.  I can see the huge benefits of adding Crossfit to my routine.
    I will be recommending this course (have already) and am booked to come back in a couple of weeks. Enough time to recover I hope!;-)
    Many thanks again to all.

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