Level 2 13-Nov-2012 (PM)

14 Nov

Tonight reminded me again why I love coaching. You guys were great and the cheeky smile on your faces after hitting your PB or kipping pull up was just unforgettable.

We started off with some double under practice for 5.30pm class. Then we decided that it’s a good day to hit personal bests (PBs) so the aim was to slowly build up to your 1RM. Special mention goes to Wendy who broke 100kg, Jason who got his PB after two months of injuries, Stefano who reached his goal way before Christmas (as he originally planned), Ivan for improving his max lift by whole 62.5kg and everybody else (I would name you all but see for yourself in the results)

. I’m very proud of you guys.

Then we have moved onto kipping pull ups or strict pull ups depending on who needed to work on what. Again some great work in this part of the class.


10mins AMRAP

7 deadlifts (bodyweight or as close as possible)

7 burpees


Some great work there again. Well done and see you all next week my level 2 monsters!


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