Level 2, 24 Nov 12: Benchmark “Fran”

24 Nov

“If a hurricane that wreaks havoc on a whole town can be Fran, so can a workout.” Greg Glassman. Read about the first Crossfit workout here.

Fran. Turns up again and again, like a bad penny, or an old friend. You choose. We can measure our progress as a Crossfitter by doing Fran, with less scaling and faster over time.

So out of respect for this venerable and esteemed WOD, everything that came before it was considered preparation, before giving our all against the clock.

Thrusters (42, 30kg)

Everyone had their own coach as counter and cheering squad, which made for a really exciting and motivating atmosphere.

Top marks to Olivier, the only Level 2er to go RX.
And next big back-slap to Darrah, who did the first round with a blue band, then kipped his way through the rest!
And high-five to Sarah on her first L2, got through with a big grin.

A fantastic effort all round.

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  1. actually, Olivier is now level 3, but like a lot of level 3’s uses the level 2 classes as well

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