Level 2 6-Nov-2012 (PM)

06 Nov

Today was our first day running class in our new location, with all our new kit.

Warm up:

Double Under Practice

Those pesky double unders. We’re working on how to best teach them and work through them. Phil’s Number 1 tip:

Get your own Jump Rope.

Make your life easy. Having your own jump rope to practice with will mean that you don’t need to readjust to the feeling of a new rope every time you want to practice. This is especially important when you start out.


Kipping Pull up Practice

Pull ups are fun. Doing pull ups faster is more fun. One big key point here, is working to keep the hips moving, and not swinging your feet. You eventually figure out that a huge portion of stuff we do is hip related.

Case in point:

Split Jerk: Warm up- Warm up-2-2-2-2

It’s not about the arms. The arms barely do anything. It’s all about using your hips to get that weight into place.

After a quick Burpee Tuck Jump and Power Snatch refresher, we then moved on to the WOD:


10 min AMRAP

6 Hang Power Snatch 40/30kg

9 Burpee Tuck Jumps

Which basically felt like trying to suck air through concrete. Well done to everyone who made it through.

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