Level 2&3 22-Nov-2012 (PM)

23 Nov

Level 2

– warm up/skill work:

EMOM 4mins

30s double unders/attempts

5 kipping pull ups or whatever progression you need to work on

– then we drilled little bit of push jerk and split jerk and decided who is going to work on which depending on how much the individual suck at a particular lift. Some great improvements in technique all around.

– then we had fun with some kneeling and banded muscle up progressions. Remember guys to keep them elbows as close to the body as possible.


10 mins AMRAP of

30 double unders

7 toes to bar

Level 3

– 5 mins to work on the skill you at the most to prove me you are in right place in level 3 followed by

– strict press 5×3 @ 82.5%

– the the fun part progression ghd raises partner drill on the floor and then with the ghd machine. Well done all it was fun struggling together with you. Next time will add something different to our progressions.

– with still some time left we looked at handstand hold, shoulder touches and a little bit of a handstand walk


12 mins AMRAP

50 double unders

15 toes to bar


Lots of frustrated noises during double unders tonight but well done all around to those who got their first double under or kipping toes to bar.

See you all next week!

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