Level 2&3 8-Nov-2012 (PM)

10 Nov

Sorry for the late post…

Level 2:

Front squat 5×3

Pull ups: work on kipping as a skill or strict for strength

WOD 15mins ‘Mary’

Just a gentle reminder to ALL I need to see your log books next time you in. Wendy is now off my black list.

Level 3:

Warm up: 2 rounds of 10 double unders, 5 kipping pull ups, 5 sec handstand hold, 1 strict pull up, 1 ring dip.

Back squat 4×8,8+ (65% working 1RM)

3 attempts to establish 1RM pull up

WOD: ‘Mary’ 20min AMRAP of


10 pistols

15 pull ups


Well done to Paul Jr and Martin who completed all work as Rx’d especially pistols. Sorry to all who ripped their hands on pull ups. Welcome to the club 😉

See you all next week!

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