Level 3 7-Nov-2012 (PM)

07 Nov

Warm Up

2 Rounds

10 Double Unders

5 Kipping Pull ups

1 Strict Pull ups

1 Ring Dip 

1 Handstand Push up

Followed by a fun Handstand Push up ladder!

EMOM for 8 Minutes.

HSPU. Increase by 1 rep every minute. 

Then, we threw our weight around in a big way.

15 minutes to set a 1RM Power Snatch

before rounding the workout out with:


30 Muscle Ups


30 Pull ups

30 Ring Dips

30 Muscle Up Transitions

Quick point on the Bar Muscle Up. The answer isn’t “Bigger Kip over the Bar!” That won’t work. What will work is thinking of tucking your elbows behind you on your strict pull up. Once you can reach that height, getting over the bar is relatively easy. When you practice your pull ups or want to practice a muscle up, always think “Elbows Back!” instead.

Big props to everyone who got their first bar muscle up last night. Well Done.

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