14 Nov

3 mins Back Squat for power output (weight x reps)

So the great debate:
Low weight, high reps


high weight, low reps



Myself and Christian gave it a first go today, the game plan: back squat 3 mins @ 50% 1RM
Tom (me): 50x 60kg= 3000
Christian:53x50kg= 2,650

My feelings, it felt too heavy to fast and therefore I slowed down however I also didn’t do the best squat warm up!

Our friends from CrossFit Evolving, Josh and Stretch also gave it a first go today:
Stretch: 71x60kg= 4,260
Josh: 65x60kg= 3,900

The guys warmed up there heavy squat (5,3,2,1) then rested 5-10 mins, to recruit my muscle fibres to use at the very start of the 3 minutes!

Now I know that although he doesn’t look it, Stretch is bloody strong! And I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a 140kg back squat, meaning he did this at below 50% but above 40%, I think this is key!

If you go too light during this workout, you have to do considerably more work to maintain a high output score! After all you can only squat so fast!

In summary, I think it’s best doing this WOD at 40-45% ensuring I you do atleast 10 more reps than you did at 50% to make it worth your while!

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