Monday 5/11/12 (am)

05 Nov

Monday morning at CFL was a tad quiet! Only because I had to command my Olympic lifting drills with a clap because I couldn’t speak  due to my sideline “coaching” this weekend at Divided We Fall 2012, where we positioned 37th out of 11o teams from all over the UK, by the way!

This morning we started off with some nice barbell gymnastics:

5×3 Squat Cleans @80%, we broke this down by starting the lift at just above the knee each time to simulate moving from high blocks.

This moved nicely onto some raw strength:

7×3 Front Squat @75% (wm)



5 rounds for loads:

7 reps of the following sequence:

power clean

front squat

push press

back squat

push press


What a classic!! Check this out to boot,

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