Muted Hip Function

27 Nov

I first came across Greg Glassmans concept of “Muted hip Function” in 2005 just after I’d finished my 1st Crossfit certification in Santa Cruz. The concept of muted hip is founded on the , in my opinion, correct  observation that the most powerful forces that humans can generate , are initiated, dominated and controlled by the hip ( Crossfit Journal 2003, page 5). Muted hip function, or more correctly dysfunction creates postures and  mechanics that reduce power and stability and are generally unsound. This photo pretty much outlines all the major faults that occur

According to Greg Glassman “we see this best in the drive and dip of a bad push press where the knees jut forward while the pelvis rolls back pushing the belly forward. In fact the push press is the best way to conjure up this fault even in people who otherwise may have a beautiful squat and seem immune to this curse.” Greg Glassman.

Strive to engage your glutes and transmit force through a tight core, get your hamstrings in on the act, get more weight towards the back of the foot and, as we say, stick your bum back.

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  1. This muted hip position shows up a lot in power cleans and snatches too, during the landing phase.  Its often what stops people getting under the bar.  They end up trying to ‘limbo dance’ under the bar.

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