Saturday 24/11/12 WOD

24 Nov

Goodbye…For Now


Back in 2007 I was a Physical Training Instructor (PTI) on the Territorial Support Group (TSG) in the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS). God we love a TLA (Three Letter Abbreviation)!  Some friends and I went to see a film called 300.  It had a big behind the scenes story of how all the actors had got into shape for the film.  Always on the look out for new ideas and regimes I did some research and thats when I discovered Crossfit.  Compared to now the site as a resource then was tiny but still way bigger than anything I had ever experienced.  A good friend Steve Rutter was totally taken by it too. Training as a competition? We got it straight away.

Looking for places and people we could learn from led us to Andrew Stemler and StemlerFit.  A crazy fast talking instructor with borderline Tourettes who trained out in the street and moved from venue to venue like a gypsy.  But he was the only Crossfit Level 2 coach in Europe.  We attended a couple of his seminars and that was really the start of my Crossfit journey proper.  I can still remember and often recount how I was dragged out in front of the class to “show off” my squat, only to be critiqued into oblivion. I had a lot to learn and improve on. I still practice improving my squat to this day.  Thank you Andrew.

From their Andrew mentored me through the world famous iCourse through my Level 1 and Crossfit Gymnastics course.  I remained a steady volunteer helping and teaching. Eventually I was asked by Steven if I wanted the Saturday gig. Their faith in me as a coach representing Crossfit London filled me with pride and coaching the classes has been a very exciting and fulfilling experience. During my Crossfit journey I went on to achieve a 2.5 times body weight dead lift, power clean 70kg, 33 strict pull ups, 10 strict muscle ups, a back lever, sub 40 minute 10k and a sub 19 minute 5k with a Fran time of 3′ 30″ (all before breakfast).

Now at the age of 46 a lot of those are no longer possible but there is still plenty to crack yet.  However what does stay with you forever are the friends you make and the great memories they give you. The welcoming smiles, the feelings of achievement, triumphs, wins, PB’s, mastering new skills, penny drop moments, I could go on and on but I think you get it.

And that is what I want you to remember when you have those lows and doubts think of all the good times and the friends you have around you to support you.  I used to teach officer safety at work and I always pointed out how we do not have colleagues at work.  We know our colleagues first names, their partners names, their children, we drink eat and play together, we share the bad times too. We are more than colleagues we are friends.  To a large part you can say that about your coaches and your fellow students.

You may have guessed I am leaving. I have started a 3 year Masters in Financial Crime and Investigation. So I can commit some serious money making frauds when I retire, only joking.  I have tried desperately not to give up the classes but I cannot do you and myself justice with so little spare time available.  Andrew and Steve have been very supportive and understanding and Andrew has asked me to commit to a regular but less frequent class, yet to be established.

My last class will be Saturday 1st December. Thank you to each and everyone of you for all the smiles over the last two and half years. I hope to see you all at the Crimbo party.

Oh yeah and we did this today:


Back squat 3×10 (67.5) 90 secs rest


GHD sit up. Fire those hips!



9-15-21 pull ups and thrusters for time




7 thoughts on “Saturday 24/11/12 WOD

  1. Gutted! Especially since I’ll most likely miss your last class, being away in Sweden. I am equal parts terribly sad to see you leave, as I am happy to see you live as you learn challenging yourself with new goals.
    Your classes have been fantastic, getting up on the Saturday mornings was always sheer joy. I would wish you best of luck with your efforts, but I don’t think you need it. You’ll nail it.

  2. Oh, only read this after the class. Sad to see you go but good luck with the exciting new venture. See you for one last 0930 class next Saturday!

  3. Man. Moustache. Legend! I won’t get too teary eyed because I’m guessing (hoping) we’ll still see you around fairly often!

  4. Guys brilliant effort from everyone today, as usual. Cian Simmonds it is my intention to stay a very close friend of Crossfit London.

  5. We never let a good Instructor go! 
     Whist Steven and i are pretty devastated to loose Colin on  a regular basis, we are hoping to have him back for a “colin Special” every 6 weeks or 2 months. More often if his schedule allows
    Colin, your support and help has been invaluable and without your ongoing support Crossfit London would not be where it is today.
    We will be merging Colins “Sort of leaving Do” with the Christmas party.
    Ill have a schedule of Colins  “2013 Tour” nailed down within the next few weeks. Nevertheless this extra qualification is essential for his future, so know we need to support him in his studies

  6. Gutted that you are off but will try and catch you on the “2013 Tour”. I’m away next weekend unfortunately so give them hell and see on the other side.

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